3.5m Half Cassette Electric Awning, Multi Stripe (4.0m Projection)

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Product Specification

Half Cassette
  • Width: 3.5m (11ft 6")
  • Maximum projection from wall: 4.0m (13ft 1")
  • Colour: Multi-Stripe
  • Fabric: 300gsm Polyester

Please choose a control

The awning is supplied without controls. To operate the awning you will need to choose one of the following options and then click the Add to Basket button:

Awning Receiver Box with Remote Control Zappers
Remote control receiver box with 2 remote zappers This is the remote control box for our electric awnings, it comes complete with 2 remote control zappers.

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Waterproof housing for Electric Awning controls.
Waterproof Housing for Electric Awning Receiver Box
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Wind, Sun and Rain Sensor Kit
Wind, Sun, and Rain Sensor Kit This is a sensor and remote controlled unit for use with our electric awnings.

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RRP £199.99  £129.99

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Awning Wall Switch
Awning Wall Switch Use this indoor wall switch to control your electric awning. Center off, up and down control.

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Why choose this awning?

  • Mid-range awning, offering a cassette and the option of an electric motor, all at a very good price.
  • Cassette protects fabric from rain and dirt.
  • Powder coated aluminum frame to ensure longevity.
  • Waterproof, UPF 50+ fabric (blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays).

Our awnings combine excellent quality with superb value for money

All of our awnings combine superior quality with great value for money.Finished to a very high specification, they have a strong lightweight metalframe with powder coated aluminium arms. They can be opened andclosed easily and smoothly using the winding handle on the left hand side(see pictures to the right). The awning can be opened as much or as littleas you like up to the maximum projection. The specially designed arms areadjustable to enable you to alter the slope of the awning from almosthorizontal to a relatively steep tilt of approximately 35 degrees from thehorizontal. The aluminium front bar ensures the fabric hangs smoothly.

'Half cassette' means that the awning retracts into a metal cover forprotection. The 'valance' (frilly bit) remains hanging down when fullyretracted. 'Full cassette' awnings which retract fully are also availableclick here to view our range at a glance.

Aluminium roller: Diameter 68mm
Aluminium front bar: 47mm x 35mm
Aluminium support arms: 58mm x 28mm, 49 x 20mm

Optional Extra - Wind, Sun and Rain Sensor Kit
RRP £199.99  £129.99

Tick this box to include the Wind, Sun and Rain Sensor Kit in your basket when you add this awning.

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Optional Extra - 1.2kW Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Halogen Heater
RRP £42.99  £25.99

Tick this box to include the 1.2kW Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Halogen Heater in your basket when you add this awning.

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Available Colours

Hard-wearing fabrics

Our awnings are available with a choice of fabrics: 300gsm polyester or 300gsm acrylic.
To view the complete colour selection click here. Both the polyester and the acrylic are waterproof, rot-proof, PU and UV stabilised and easy to sponge clean. The acrylic is slightly more fade resistant than the polyester.

UV Protection

We test our fabrics using the leading testing agency Intertek to establish the level of UV protection afforded by the various colours. All fabrics tested (from the lightest ivory, to the darkest) had a Rated UPF of 50+, meaning a maximum of 2% of UV rays will pass through the fabric.

Important Note: Whilst all our awnings are designed to have their covers easily replaced, at the moment we do not have replacement covers available for these particular sizes

Installation and Maintenance

Our awnings are designed to attach to the wall and are supplied with two or three brackets (depending on the size of the awning you order) and expandable fixing bolts.
The awnings are easy to fit and come with full fitting instructions. With the correct tools they should not take more than two hours to fit. If you would like to read the instructions in advance, please click here.

info icon Our electric awnings can either be plugged into a socket or they can be wired directly into the mains. Click here for more information on electrical installation.

Additional Images

Customer photos of Half Cassette awnings

Technical Specification

  • Style: Half Cassette
  • Width: 3.5m (11ft 6")
  • Maximum projection from wall: 4.0m (13ft 1")
  • Colour: Multi-Stripe
  • Fabric: Waterproof, UPF 50+, 300gsm Polyester (blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays).
  • Winder: The winder is located on the left hand side of the awning.
  • Motor: Electric motors made by Somfy Group.
3.5m Half Cassette Electric Awning, Multi Stripe (4.0m Projection)


Customer Reviews

Rating: 5/5

"But the cable from the motor to the switch was ridiculously short - especially when the switch was not rated for external use so the cable must be routed through a wall."
Date: 2014-04-09

Rating: 4/5

"My wife and I were very impressed to receive our awning so promptly - ordered Sunday, arrived Tuesday. It was installed by our builder in approx 3 hours (including wiring up) and we are very happy with the result. One request - the cable is about 20 centimeters short so we are having to use an extension lead at the moment. If I were to pay for the postage, would it be possible for you to send me the extra piece of cable. "
Date: 2010-09-27

Rating: 5/5

"easy to install"
Date: 2014-01-21

Rating: 4/5

"All I'm good condition / instructions ok"
Date: 2013-08-21

Rating: 5/5

"Lovely colour multistripe awning and very nice quality. Awning was supplied with wrong instructions but correct half cassette manual was easily downloaded from the primrose web site.Made a simple wooden template to mark hole locations on the wall six bricks up from my sliding patio door. 12mm holes drilled and awning mounted very easily. Found it easier to drill approx 6mm, 10mm then finish with 12mm. this is makes drilling easier."
Date: 2013-08-16

Rating: 5/5

"Fitted in two hours, no big deal"
Date: 2013-08-07

Rating: 4/5

"Had just one problem with the instructions on erecting the awning. The brackets seemed to be different from those in the instructions."
Date: 2013-08-05

Rating: 5/5

"problems at first, It stalled half-way, ok know"
Date: 2013-07-25

Rating: 5/5

"Very pleased/although it took us 3 days in total to get it installed/ we had to loan a more powerful drill to get through the brick-work/buy longer bolts/we did install our awning under an extension roof which meant we couldn't reach the bolts to tighten so all the facia ,guttering had to come off which caused more work than we had anticipated/ it took 3 people to fix it to the wall as you had to hold up the awning and tighten at the same time . Not as simple as the demonstration video."
Date: 2013-07-24

Rating: 5/5

"The awning is wonderful , chosen by my wife , was not originally sure about the colour , but must admit , I'm glad that we decided against the customary green and white stripes . Completely satisfied ."
Date: 2013-07-04

Rating: 5/5

"the awning was perfect well built and easy to install"
Date: 2013-05-30

Rating: 4/5

"Good overall quality. Reasonably easy to fit except found locating bolts to small plate within bracket after 'hooking' cassette on wall a bit tricky. A tip maybe to lifting onto wall brackets-I hoisted up using 2 rungs of 2 ladders and strong roof rack straps."
Date: 2013-05-28

Rating: 5/5

"It looks good and as described, opens and closes at the press of a switch on the remote control unit, keeps the patio area dry. Assuming it continues to do this, is possibly one of the best value and useful purchase Iíve ever made."
Date: 2012-11-07

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