Awning Colour Changing LED Light Kit - for 2m Projection Awnings

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Awning Colour Changing LED Light Kit - for 2m Projection Awnings
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Awning Colour Changing LED Light Kit - for 2m Projection Awnings

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The party does not have to move indoors once dusk falls with this amazing LED Awning light kit. Keep guests entertained with this lighting that is not only practical but also offers a decorative effect with the stunning different lighting modes. This lighting is perfect for entertaining guests, small family gatherings or on warm summer evenings when you simply can't put that book down.

We also offer this awning LED kit for awings with a 2.5m or 3m projection. Please see the links below:
LED Lights for 2.5m Projection Click Here
LED Lights for 3m Projection Click Here

Please note: If you're installing these light kits for a full cassette model. Please make sure you adjust the arms to 15 - 20 degrees. This will allow clearance space. If you have the angle at 21 - 30 degrees, the LED lights will touch the bottom of the cassette and won't close properly. This is very easy to adjust, just use an allen key and turn clockwise on the wall brackets. This will adjust the angle of the arms.

This LED Awning Lights Kit is very quick and easy to install, please follow our helpful step-by-step guide below:

  • Colour changing LED lights - perfect for adding a unique finishing touch to your awning
  • 3 different modes - static, fade or strobe lighting modes makes this kit ideal for any occassion
  • IP65 Rating - protected from both water and dust makes this LED lighting perfect for outdoor use
  • Remote control included - easily control the light display from a distance without having to stop the activity you are doing
  • Suitable for all types of awnings - when used with the correct sized awning - this product is for awnings with a 2m projection

  • 75cm (29½in) light strip. Total: 150cm light strip per arm
  • Cable length: 10m (32ft 9in) - transformer will need to be plugged in indoors

  • Click here to view the instructions

    Colour Changing LED Lights

    This LED Light kit is suitable for all occasions thanks to the stunning colour changing lights, providing a calm atmosphere to relax in or create a lively party atmosphere to entertain in!

    What's in the box?

    This LED light kit consists of, LED light reel, 10m transformer cable/plug and remote control. Please see the picture as a reference.

    Step 1: Lay out the Kit

    The best way to begin installation is to lay all of the parts on the ground first to make sure that nothing is tangled and to remove the LED lights from the reel.

    Step 2: Align Correctly

    It is important to place the cable under where the awning arm bends. Allow the cable to be slightly slack in order for the awning arm to bend when closed without pulling the LED lights out of place.

    Step 3: Remove Stickers

    The LED light strips will have red stickers on the back, please peel these stickers off and stick to the awning arms. It is a good idea to peel the stickers from the lights as you attach them to the awning arms in order to avoid anything else sticking to the lights.

    Step 4: Attach LED Strip

    You can now stick the LED Light Strip to the awning arm whilst slowly peeling the red sticker from the sticky backing.



    Step 5: Hide Cable wires

    There will be approximately 5m cable wires connected onto the strip. These wires will go across the front bar in order to keep them hidden.

    Step 6: Attach other LED Strip

    You can now stick the other LED Light Strip to the other awning arm.

    Step 7: Connect Controller/Transformer

    The next step is to connect the controllers and transformer together. The transformer cable is 10m long and must be kept indoors or outside in a waterproof box. The LED light strip is waterproof but the controller and transformer are not, please keep this in mind when installing.

    Step 8: Ready to go!

    Now simply plug everything in and use the handy remote control to change the colours and sequence of the lights. Sit back, relax and enjoy!
    Please note: you may have to pull a clear sticker out of the bottom of the remote to activate the controller.

    Please see below for more installation and final set up images of this light kit.


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