Considerations for awning fitting

To avoid a costly, time consuming and difficult installation of your awning you must consider these points below. Look carefully at both the wall and the whole area to be shaded by the awning. Look out for washing lines, trees or shrubs, sheds or building extensions etc. that might be in the way of the awning when extended. The wall on which the awning is to be hung needs particular attention. The wall must be of sound construction and the intended location at least 2.5m-3m above ground.

If any of the items listed below present problems at your location, special brackets are available to overcome most situations (more information on these below the list).

  1. The area should be free of waste pipes, boiler flues etc (boiler flues can collect dangerous gases under the projected awning). See solution: Pipe Brackets.
  2. Allow for any doors and windows to open without obstructing the awning. The angle of the opened awning will slope down by approx 30 degrees or lower depending on the model.
    See solution: Pipe Brackets.
  3. The awning should be fixed at least 25cm (or 3 bricks) above any door or window frame. There should also be at least 7 brick rows above the awning fixing position to anchor the weight. See solution: Spreader Plates.
  4. The awning cannot be fixed to fascia boards directly as these do not provide enough strength. See solution: Goal Posts.


Pipe Bracket

Pipe Bracket These are used to mount the awning away from the wall so that it can span across any down pipes or obstructions that are in the way.

Gutter Bracket

Gutter Bracket This is used when there is not enough room between the top of any door or window, and the fascia board and gutter. It will move the mounting position away and up to the level of the gutters. This also allows a higher front bar (when extended) if it would otherwise be too low and likely be walked into. Measurements are needed to correspond with the exact profile required.

Spreader Plate

Spreader Plate These are used to spread the weight of the awning down either side of the door or window when there is insufficient brick work above to anchor the fittings. The awning exerts a considerable upward force on the brick work when extended. If the weight is not transferred, it might lever up the bricks, make the installation unsafe and damaging the brickwork.

Goal Posts

Goal Posts These are steel 3 piece posts used to span a large distance when there is no other alternative. The down posts can be secured to the wall either side of the door, window or shop front. For larger awnings the middle brackets can be mounted on this steel frame. It may also be possible to mount a timber across this difficult span, but great care must be taken as to the strength of timber and suitable fixing points.

We don't sell gutter brackets or spreader plates, but we recommend our customers to a specialist awning company.

Please contact Saffron Shutters and Awnings by emailing

In your email, please include a photograph of the location where you wish the awning to be installed.

If you have any specific concerns or questions about awning installation, we advise seeking professional advice from a builder or contact our awning experts on 0118 903 5210.

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