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"Ordered the 3.0 metre standard multistripe awning on March 6th was informed that it would not be available until June 6th however I received it on March 12th.Put the awning up this week,instructions state use 14mm drill bit which I went and bought,holes were drilled and awning fitted as soon as awning was wound out (it was horizontal not angled at all) the brackets and bolts pulled out of the wall,on inspection found rawlbolts supplied were 12mm and would not open up enough to grip,had to then buy new rawlbolts 16mm because I could not purchase 14mm and buy a new 16mm drill bit.I am, really not happy with the fittings supplied and have kept the 12mm rawlbolts in case Primrose would like to contact me."

Reviewed Friday, 19 April 2013