6.0m Half Cassette Electric Awning, Ivory

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6.0m Half Cassette Electric Awning, Ivory
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6.0m Half Cassette Electric Awning, Ivory

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Product Specification


Half Cassette XL
  • Width: 6.0m
  • Projection: 3.0m
  • Colour: Ivory
  • Fabric: 300gsm Polyester
  • Complete weight (awning plus wall brackets): 60kg
  • Fabric width: 2.35m (7ft 8")

Please choose a control

The awning is supplied without controls. To operate the awning you will need to choose one of the following options and then click the Add to Basket button:

Waterproof housing for electric awning This IP54 waterproof box allows the remote control receiver boxes to be mounted outside. (Fits the receiver box for remote control AWN11) The zapper will still...

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£0.00  £110.00
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Cream Indoor Wall Switch for Electric Awnings Use this indoor wall switch to control your electric awning. Centre off, up and down control. Cream plastic casing, 2 way and off switch. 250 V Dimensions:...

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£42.99  £39.99

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Wind, Sun, and Rain Sensor Kit This is a sensor and remote controlled unit for use with our electric awnings. It will detect rain, wind levels, and excessive sun. The sensitivity settings can be simply...

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Due in 13/11/2022
Remote control receiver box with 2 remote zappers This is the remote control box for our electric awnings, it comes complete with 2 remote control zappers. Dimensions: Length 12.8cm Width 7.6cm Depth...

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Outdoor Wall Switch for Electric Awnings Quickly and easily control your electric awning with this outdoor awning wall switch. With up and down control switch, this can help you set your awning to the...

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Total price of Awning and selected control: £539.99
Saving £1460

Why choose this awning?

  • Waterproof, UPF 50+ fabric (blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays)

Our awnings combine excellent quality with superb value for money

Our half cassette XL awnings combine superior quality with great value for money. Finished to a very high specification, they have a strong lightweight metal frame with powder coated aluminium arms and a 40 x 40mm torsion bar. They can be opened and closed easily and smoothly using the winding handle on the left hand side (see pictures to the right). The awning can be opened as much or as little as you like up to the maximum projection. The specially designed elliptical arms are adjustable to enable you to alter the slope of the awning from almost horizontal to a relatively steep tilt of approximately 35 degrees from the horizontal. The aluminium front bar ensures the fabric hangs smoothly.

Torsion bar: 40mm x 40mm
Aluminium roller: Diameter 78mm
Aluminium front bar: 56 x 43mm
Aluminium support arms : 60 x 31mm, 51 x 26mm

All our awnings come with the correct number of wall mounting brackets as standard. This awning can also be mounted onto ceilings, balconies or overhangs with specially designed ceiling brackets - See our optional extras below
Set Of 4 Ceiling Wall Brackets For 40mm Torsion Bar - For 4.5m - 5m Standard Manual and XL Awnings Set Of 4 Ceiling Wall Brackets For 40mm Torsion...
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Please Note: This bracket is only suitable for standard manual and XL awnings with a 40mm torsion bar
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1.6m Rectangle Ivory Side Shade for Awning 1.6m Rectangle Ivory Side Shade for Awning
We all know with awnings, they are great most of the time for catching the sun, however there are always times when the sun is too low for the awning to provide any shelter. Well, here is a stylish solution for creating shade in late evening, autumn, or any low sun situations. Our side shades are quick to put up, and easy to move around your awning with our simple clip-on system.
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Awning Colour Changing LED Light Kit - for 3m Projection Awnings Awning Colour Changing LED Light Kit - for...
£99.99  £50.00
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The party does not have to move indoors once dusk falls with this amazing LED Awning light kit. Keep guests entertained with this lighting that is not only practical but also offers a decorative effect with the stunning different lighting modes. This lighting is perfect for entertaining guests, small family gatherings or on warm summer evenings when you simply can't put that book down.
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Two Man Delivery Service

This awning's over 5m long and weighs over 50kg, so it needs to be delivered via a two-man service to ensure it gets into your garden safely and securely. The team will get in contact to set a delivery date and on the day, they'll give you a courtesy call an hour ahead of delivery. Someone will need to sign for it (can't leave something this valuable in a safe place!), and the delivery team will put the package wherever's most convenient for you.

Available Colours

The Half Cassette XL is available in 6 colours.

Hard-wearing fabrics

Our awnings are available with a choice of fabrics: 300gsm polyester or 300gsm acrylic.
To view the complete colour selection click here. Both the polyester and the acrylic are waterproof, rot-proof, PU and UV stabilised and easy to sponge clean. The acrylic is slightly more fade resistant than the polyester.

UV Protection

We test our fabrics using the leading testing agency Intertek to establish the level of UV protection afforded by the various colours. All fabrics tested (from the lightest ivory, to the darkest) had a Rated UPF of 50+, meaning a maximum of 2% of UV rays will pass through the fabric.

Extra covers available

Échantillon du Tissu

Replacement awning fabric covers are available and can be fitted in about half an hour: a great idea if you fancy a change of colour half way through the summer. Click here to view.

Installation and Maintenance

Our awnings are designed to attach to the wall and are supplied with two or three brackets (depending on the size of the awning you order) and expandable fixing bolts.
The awnings are easy to fit and come with full fitting instructions. With the correct tools they should not take more than two hours to fit. If you would like to read the instructions in advance, please click here.

Suitable for attaching to both walls and ceilings or overhangs with our innovative wall bracket (Simply turn the bracket upside down.)

info icon Our electric awnings can either be plugged into a socket or they can be wired directly into the mains. Click here for more information on electrical installation.

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Technical Specification

  • Style: Half Cassette XL
  • Complete weight (awning plus wall brackets): 60kg
  • Width: 6.0m
  • Projection: 3.0m
  • Colour: Ivory
  • Fabric: Waterproof, UPF 50+, '.300gsm.' '.Polyester.' (blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays).
  • Winder: The winder is located on the left hand side of the awning.
  • Motor: Electric motors made by Somfy Group.
Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 2.0/5 (1 review)

Rating: 2/5

"This review is written about a month after we ordered a 6m electric half cassette awning . The website suggests that awnings can be lifted into place from two ladders. it says the longer ones may require the use of scaffold towers. A 6m awning is so heavy that the delivery driver and I could barely move it into our yard. Ours required two scaffold towers, a chain hoist and a 7m access platform to install. It is inconceivable that it could be safely installed from ladders. The awning came with four brackets. Because it was so heavy, we decided to buy four more. The ones I ordered were stated on the website to be suitable for a 6m half cassette, and the brackets pictured looked like the originals. They arrived, but I didn’t unwrap them until the day we were going to do the installation, which was the Saturday before the May Bank Holiday. When I opened the package, I found four brackets of a different design which were far too small to take the mounting bar of the awning. I rang Primrose, who said that the ones I actually needed weren’t listed in the website, but could be obtained on request although not until the following Wednesday. This would have meant extending the hire period on the access equipment, so figuring that as they were supplementary to the four original brackets which should have been sufficient by themselves, I adapted them. The sleeve anchors provided with the awning are useless. The anchors on two of the brackets would not grip, so I had to resort to resin bonded fixings. The supplementary brackets came with projecting bolt shield anchors which are far better. The bolt holes on the brackets are round, so have to be dead in line and are totally unforgiving of minor deviations from the horizontal, such as might arise from the drill bit wandering slightly. If the holes were oval, it would allow for some minor adjustment. Having lifted the awning into the brackets, we found that the retaining bolt in one of the brackets would not would locate. This turned out to be because our house wall is rendered and roughcast, so not completely even. We thought we could solve this by putting some packing behind the bracket which was in a slight depression, but this did not work because the bolt provided with the sleeve anchor was then too short to engage. Finally we had the awning working. It is OK, but the rollers on the frame over which the fabric runs don’t work properly. The fabric snags slightly, which causes the roller to jump and make a banging noise when the awning is opening and closing. One day a breeze began to develop so we went to close the awning. As we did so we noticed that ALL the sleeve anchors had failed - they were all pulling out of the wall to some extent. Fortunately the resin fixings and the shield anchors which came with the extra brackets were all OK, so the awning stayed put. The sleeve anchors have now all been replaced with resin fixings. We bought the sun, rain and wind sensor. We have so far been completely unable to calibrate this so that it works as intended. The sun setting seems to be either off (it doesn’t open at all, even in the full midday sun) or on (it opens at dawn). The rain sensor doesn’t seem to do anything. The wind sensor is OK if you blow it, but doesn’t turn freely enough to be sensitive to the real wind. Maybe we will be able to sort this out eventually."

Reviewed Friday, 13 June 2014

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